How to Clean a Microwave

  • White vinegar: Acid helps break up baked-on messes.
  • Microfiber cloths: Use a moist material for the within of the microwave and a dry one for making the surface shine. You may also use paper towels, however these are reusable.
  • A microwaveable bowl: You can use any microwaveable container that simply holds 2 cups of liquid.
  • Kitchen towels or pot holders: Use these for eradicating the bowl safely from the microwave. (You may also use your two microfiber dish cloths whereas they’re nonetheless dry.)
  • Nontoxic, fragrance-free dishwashing liquid: Fragrance-free and unhazardous degreasers are ideally suited to make use of inside any equipment that heats up.
  • Baking soda: This is a deodorizer and a cleaner that has just a little coarseness for light scrubbing.
  • A nonabrasive sponge: If it is advisable to, use this with baking soda.

It will take about 30 to 45 minutes to scrub your microwave.

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Fill a microwave-safe bowl or container with 2 cups of water and a pair of tablespoons of vinegar and put it within the microwave on the very best setting for 5 minutes. Keeping the door closed, let the bowl sit within the microwave for 10 extra minutes. The objective is to create a cloud of acidic steam in your microwave, mentioned Samson, which “can do a number of the heavy lifting for you.”

Open the door rigorously to let the steam escape. Use kitchen towels or pot holders to take away the bowl to the counter and transfer the microwave turntable, when you have one, to the sink. When it’s cool sufficient to deal with, wash the turntable within the sink with dishwashing liquid, then let it dry when you clear the remainder of the microwave.

Mix dishwashing liquid with equal elements water in a bowl till you see suds. Dip a microfiber material within the sudsy combination so it’s damp however not dripping. Use it to wash down the inside and the within of the door. When you’re performed, clear the fabric, wring it out, and wipe off the cleaning soap and water combination from the microwave.

Photo: Rachel Wharton

If the inside of the microwave nonetheless has stains, residue, or robust odors, stir collectively baking soda and water in a bowl to make a thick paste. Start with about ¼ cup baking soda to 1½ tablespoons water. Spread the paste over the stains or the inside partitions with the sponge or a small spatula, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then dampen the sponge and scrub the place wanted. Use a moist microfiber material to wipe away all the baking soda.

Photo: Rachel Wharton

Wipe down the surface of the microwave with a dry microfiber material till it shines, ensuring to scrub the keypad and door deal with. (If your exterior has numerous meals spills, you can even use a microfiber material dipped within the cleaning soap and water combination to scrub it first.)

Leave the microwave door open till it’s totally dry. If odors are an ongoing problem, mentioned Samson, let it air-dry each time you utilize it.

Burning your arms: Glass or ceramic could get scorching when utilized in a microwave. Be cautious when dealing with them.

Corroding a chrome steel exterior: Vinegar and different acids corrode metallic, so use it solely on the within—or keep on with plain water.

Using cleaners containing ammonia or bleach: They could make the plastic elements of your microwave brittle.

The plug: If you’re wiping down the realm close to a twine or outlet with something moist, it’s all the time a good suggestion to unplug the equipment.

Cross-contamination: If your microwave is in an workplace or high-traffic space, take into account disinfecting the keypad or deal with in between makes use of.

Wasting your vinegar-water resolution: You can use the vinegar-water resolution to scrub different elements of the kitchen, too, and even the outside of the microwave, so long as it isn’t metallic.

This article was edited by Amy Koplin, Brittney Ho, and Sofia Sokolove.

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